Monday, June 21, 2010

World Cup 2010 - Analysis and Predictions

As the getting goes tough in South Africa to reach near the top and clinche the covetted cup, so do the predictions get more crisp, interesting and mind boggling. Sometime abck, I also came up with my own version of a winner or a winner list (World Cup 2010 - Who will win?). But that was long ago. I recently came across a post by Jimmy Tong, who has come up with a novel, yet interesting analsysis as to who will win and why.

I would suggest a reading of the post as yet another attempt to dig deep into the genesis of the World Cup and prediciting a possible winner. And you may find it interesting when he says, "Do you think an African country is actually ready to lift the World Cup on their home soil? Foolhardy are the ones who bet against history."