Monday, June 21, 2010

Abu Ji – Tusi Great Ho (Father – You are Great)

Like all sons and daughters, my sons also celebrated the Father’s Day in their peculiar style as usual. They were busy preparing for the exam today and had gone for collective study at a friend’s place. They returned at around 10 PM and quietly put an envelope under my plate on the dinner table. I will talk about it later. But first the dinner and the celebrations.

My wife had cooked aromatic and spicy chicken biryani which was the best she cooked over all these years using a new technique and recipe. And I devoured it to my more than full. After the meal, my sons opened a bag of pastries – nutty and crunchy. While my wife still had mangoes. So that’s how the was celebrated almost when it was over. I thanked my wife and sons for the dinner and the pastries they had arranged with so much of love.

Now the envelope. When I opened, it had a yellow card in it (not the yellow card shown in football). It looked beautiful and I thanked my sons for the card and remembering the day. But they insisted to read it aloud (something they never asked before). Thinking something special about it, I read and what I read was both amusing and almost describing me. So I thought to share with you all. The card read:
Abu ji tusi great ho
Thoray say bulky, thoray over weight ho
Sab ke tusi mate ho
Kaabl-e-appreciate ho
Casual approach ho
Na jaldi ho na late ho
Jab “naa” ek dafa kaho to phir na kaabl-e-format ho
Jo aap se takra jae, wohi maliamate ho
Puranay aur naye ka haseen amalgamate ho
Wow!! What a fine description of me. Thank you my sons for this great gift and your love for me. May Allah bless you both. Ameen.


Asghar Javed said...

One of the best posts on any personal blog. All time fav.