Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Debate

S A J Shirazi

As a student, I was a debater. I represented Government Degree College, Mandi Bahaud Din in different inter collegiate debating events at colleges in Fasilabad, Patoki, Mandi Bahaud Din in many other cities.

I continued debating when I joined army. The best came when I was sent from Pakistan Military to Government Degree College, Mandi Bahaud Din - my own college – and address the students there. I loved that. My teachers also liked it and made it an occasion. Later, I represented Pakistan Army at national level. I am still learning by debating (and from debating).

Recently, the Lahore School Debate 2010 – one of the biggest debating events in Pakistan that is hosted by Lahore School of Economics every year- brought some old memories and I could feel the change.

I followed the Lahore School Debate 2010 very closely. Debating still inculcates reasoning, logical and independent thinking skills in students and polishes their leadership, diplomacy and team work traits. But debating methods and techniques have changed; improved to great degree - great organizations, great fun, great topics and great adjudication.

The nature of motions has also changed. The subjects being discussed today are more serious (as the challenges world is facing are far more serious now). Suggestions and solutions coming from young debaters are also very useful (only if someone in this din is listening to them). I wish someone pays attention to what the young scholars are saying. How incisive are their observations. In addition to a great joy, listning to them was a food for thought.

BTW, title of my blog  Logic is Variable  was also inspired by one of the earlier debates at Lahore School of Economics.