Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bravo!! Naseem Hameed

For the rest of the world, the modest achievement by Naseem Hameed, a female memeber of Pakistani athletes at South Asian Federation (SAF) Games recently may not be a big feat. But for Pakistan, it is a giant leap as for women athletes and women participation in international sports events is concerned. The 22 years old clocked 11.81 seconds, 0.12seconds ahead of Sri Lanka’s Pramila Priyadarshani, and clinched a gold medal for her country in the women event of 100 meter race. Not only she became the fastest women of South asia, she also became the first female athlete to win the race in Pakistan's sports history.

It may be added that Pakistan’s Shabana Akhtar won two gold medals for long jump in the 1993 and 1995 SAF Games.

In recognition to their superb performance and bagging golds, President Zardari appointed Nasim Hameedand woman karate master of South Asia Sara Nasir as Ambassadors for sports in Pakistan. A reward of Rs 1 million each has also been announced for Nasim and Sara.

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We are proud of you, Naseem Hameed, South Asia’s fastest woman


Shirazi said...

Yes, she has given us a rare chance to cheer up. Thanks to her.