Monday, January 4, 2010

Drink More Tea – and Help Produce Bio-Diesel

Good news for those who liked to drink lot of tea. Now the more you drink tea, more you can help produce bio-diesel. No? Read on…

A Pakistani nano scientist by the name of Dr Tajamul Hussain and his research tem have after a year long research found out that the used tea leaves can be utilized to produce bio-diesel free of carbon emission on commercial basis. The study claims that one kg of used tea leaves can produce about 560 ml of bio-diesel. So Pakistan being the third largest importer of tea (after UK and China), spending some $ 8.8 billion annually on import of tea, can benefit from the used tea leaves, otherwise guttered or thrown away as useless garbage.

For more details read: Take Tea and Produce Bio-Diesel


WJB said...

$ 8.8 billion import -- Really ??