Sunday, January 3, 2010

Belated Justice – Isn’t Injustice?

Today, while reading the morning newspaper and trying not to read anything that should be heartbreaking, I avoided main headings and tried to read news written without scary headlines or wanting attention. But I failed. As in one corner there was a news very disturbing and sad. And I thought I would share it with my readers.

The news read, “Murder case verdict after FIFTEEN YEARS.” And it really trembled me. God knows how much money the grieved party must have thrown in the case and how much hardships they endured after the murder of their near and dear one during all these years. I also wondered if there was someone to hear the verdict or not as 15 years is a long time and perhaps the grieved ones may not have lived that long to hear the “good news”. 

But that is not all. The verdict was by a lower court. Ahead of these are many more levels where an influential criminal can drag the case and burden the grieved party much more they had already spent to win the case in their favour.

This is only one case. God knows how many people out there are seeking justice for God only knows since how long. The slow pace of our judicial system and its many tiers are not only a drain on the money but also nerve breaking. Shouldn’t there be some system for speedier justice so that poor, who are generally been dragged into cases by the influentional of the area unnecessarily to succumb to the wishes of the better ones?

I just pray that one day we have a system wherein justice is not delayed beyond a second more than required so that it doesn’t become injustice in the process.


shirazi said...

Have a look at this interesting concept of justice by Plato.