Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Climatic Changes, Nature and Us


Water is all what humans need to survive – rather every living thing has its life dependant on water. We have witnessed civilizations vanished from the globe as river courses changed and lakes dried up. Though it was a slow process in the beginning, science and men are now making it speedier to happen.  That’s is the reason that for quite sometime now, there have been warnings of global warming and resultant climatic changes that are shrinking our glaciers and water reservoirs, eating away nature, animals and marine life. For the sake of making our life easier, we are incessantly emitting carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is not only seriously endangering our survival but that of wildlife and marine life as well. A few concerned even fear the wild and marine life on the verge of mass extinction.

While we hear of conferences all over the world that show concern over the climatic changes that are taking place too fast, we also see no concrete steps being taken by the champions of the world. Instead of adopting natural means of energy, we are burning fuels, wood and coal that add carbon dioxide into the air, causing holes in the shield protecting us from the strong ultra violet rays of the sun, causing rise in temperature, melting of glaciers and effecting rapid changes in the climate. We have fewer rains, but more floods due to melting ice of glaciers and thinning of the ice cap on the poles.

The warning shots have been fired, but we in general and those countries that really matter remain oblivious of the dangers and catastrophe facing humanity and nature in days to come.

Let us on our part burn less fuel, drive our cars less and move in public transport more, and help save the planet by using alternative means of energy so that we emit less harmful gases into the already thin air over us. We need to spread the word.

PS: This post supplements effort by my friend Peter Dickinson who in his own way is making efforts to help save the wild and marine life on planet.


Asghar Javed said...

Peter Dickinson is a nice discovery. Thanks for bringing that to us.