Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Aye Watan Kay Sajeelay Jawano (O’ Brave men of my Country)

I first listened to this great motivational national song during September 1965 when Pakistan and India went to war. This was sung by the late melody queen Noor Jahan and became an instant hit and reverberated through each street and corner during the 17 days long war and thereafter. Everyone sang along this song whenever it was aired on the radio, and so did I. This along with many other national songs was an immense source of motivation for the soldiers fighting on the borders and reflected the aspirations of the people of Pakistan as they stood united behind their men of steel.
Today, we are yet again faced with a war – a war that has enemy from within (though most certainly backed and supported from the forces outside our territorial borders). Once again our men of steel are fighting a war – a war much more bloodier and difficult as compared to the previous wars. A war in which it is very difficult to differentiate between a friend and a foe. All look alike – but the valiant soldiers fight on – shedding their blood to rid the menace of terror from the country so that people sleep in peace.
The war is also taking a toll of innocent people who die every day in bomb blasts that rip apart the silence of our cities and daily life. While I write, I listen to yet another blast in Peshawar, leaving 90 dead, mostly women and children.
I salute all these “Sajeelay Jawans, men, women and children” who die for no fault of theirs but that of others who we do not know. I only want to tell the departed ones that we would remain united till our last to fight out the militants – the hired assassins and mercenaries.
Once again today, I sing the song aloud - Aye Watan Kay Sajeelay Jawano – and am sure everyone would join me.


Asghar Javed said...

Which is why I call them Men at Their Best?

Jalal HB said...

Yeah, you bet - but this time countless unsung heroes also join in who shed their blood unknowingly