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Imran Khan's Heart Wrenching Speech at UNGA Shakes World Conscious on Plight of Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir

There are only few people in the world who make a lasting impression on their audience and convey the plight of people, suppressed and enslaved, to the world in a manner that even the hardest of hearts melt and eyes that have long since dried up start to cry with tears rolling on the cheeks uncontrollably. 

This was exactly the scene on 27th September 2019 when Pakistan's Prime Minister took the podium and spoke relentlessly, without consulting any written papers, and put across the case of islamophobia and plight of Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir, presently occupied by India. 

Besides  exposing hypocrisy of developed world on climate change and money laundering safe havens, Imran Khan spoke at length on "Islamophobia". He blamed the world for implicating Islam to terrorism and creating conditions so that people around the world start to hate Islam and Muslims. Imran Khan spoke without any prejudice, liking or political affiliation, yet very forcefully pressed home his view point about Kashmir and Islamophobia to the world community. Imran Khan blasted the Western leaders on exploiting their self worded "Islamophobia" and said:
“Islamophobia since 9/11 has grown at a pace which is alarming,” said Pakistan's Prime Minister without fear of antagonizing some of the Western allies. “Certain Western leaders equated terrorism with Islam,” he said, by employing labels like “radical Islam.” Khan said that the very concept intrinsically contradictory, because “no religion teaches radicalism. The basis of all religion is compassion and justice, which differentiates us from the animal kingdom.”
The use of “radical Islam” by Western leaders has created an association between a whole religion and terrorism, and put people in the position of suspecting all Muslims. “How is a person in New York, in a European country, or in the Midwest of the US going to distinguish between who’s a moderate Muslim and who’s a radical Muslim?” Asked Imran Khan!!
Muslim women wearing hijabs has become an issue in some countries as if a hijab is some kind of weapon. This is happening because of Islamophobia.
IK speech which was a fine outburst of emotions duly backed with logic, captivated the audience at the UNGA session, oft interpreted by loud applause and clapping on every point that he scored. He very effectively put across the Kashmir dispute, the UN resolutions on disputed status of Jammu and Kashmir and recent annexation of it by India.

He very effectively presented to the world the issue of Kashmir, a people of 8 million Muslims, forcefully suppressed since independence of Pakistan and Indian in 1947. And more recently, after the unlawful annexation of Kashmir by the Indian government, disregarding the countless UN resolutions that declared Kashmir as a disputed territory and call for the holding of impartial plebiscite so that people of Jammu and Kashmir decide for them their future lives and affiliations.
“This is the time when you, the United Nations, must urge India to lift the curfew; to free Kashmiris who have disappeared and this is the time when the UN must insist on Kashmir’s right to self-determination.”
Every word that Pakistan's Prime Minister minced, spoke of his courage, sense of responsibility, pain and sincerity in him, far superior then his Indian counterpart Modi who sheepishly spoke before him and made no mention of atrocities his forces are committing against Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir.

Seeing and listening is believing. Listen to the part of Imran Khan's speech at the UNGA session that moved hearts and made many wept:
Talking of the consequences and fallout of Indian oppression, Mr Khan reiterated that for the freedom of the Muslims of the Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan will go to any extent, if world conscious continues to sleep and gives an indifferent attitude to the sufferings of the people under severe oppression by almost a million strong Indian army presence in Kashmir. He also warned the world that as and when siege is lifted by Indian government, it will lead to a genocide for which the India will blame Pakistan and may indulge in to an open war. 

And a stage comes to that, Pakistan will fight till the end, for a country seven times smaller than India, will be compelled to use its nuclear weapons to survive. But such a stage will be catastrophic for the entire region and the world for the fallout of the nuclear war will see no bounds, warned Mr Khan.

The speech being extempore, crossed the allotted 15 minutes time, but the enthusiasm and interest of the audience not only those attending the session but also worldwide never diminished and everyone listened to him with complete concentration, interest and understanding. For here was a man speaking his heart out to the world for it was full of pain and anguish, crying for those Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir suffering the atrocities of Indian government and its army.

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truthaboutislam said...

Islam is against Terrorism Terrorists are not following Islam. Allah says in Quran whoever kills a soul unless it is as though he has killed all mankind. Muslims Are Not Terrorists and whoever saves one life it is as if he had saved mankind entirely.