Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Islam: My Ultimate Decision - My New Blog

I have been writing blogs for quite sometime now and writing on some very diverse subjects. But one subject that I have always avoided to write was religion for I thought I was not equipped with knowledge to write about religions, specialty Islam and its comparison with other faiths.

But lately I have been reading about religions with reference to Islam, the final and ultimate heavenly religion revealed in the shape of the Holy Qur'an to the last of the prophets Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. I also read case studies shared by non Muslims who opted to leave their ancestral religions or faith and adopted Islam as their final religion. 

This prompted me to begin writing about Islam and its comparison with other faiths in a lay man's language, quoting references from holy scriptures and offering my view point as a Muslim. I have not tried to go into the intricacies as it would require a scholarly wisdom and knowledge .

Thus my new blog "My Ultimate Decision" is a blog which is basically written on the experiences of those who became Muslims and their life thereafter. My Ultimate Decision thus speak their language while interjecting useful information from all faiths while projecting the view point as a Muslim, based on the knowledge of the Holy Qur'an and as explained to us by Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

In my pursuit, I have learnt many new things that I had not known before, some of which are the major hurdles in understanding the view point of people of others faith. I also came to know that hardliners are on both sides but while Muslims believe in all of the prophets before Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and all the holy scriptures including Psalms, Torah and Bible revealed before Holy Qur'an, there is a hesitancy on part of people of other faiths to recognize Islam as a holy religion and Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him as the last messenger of the Allah(God for others).

But then the encouraging thing is that despite many a misunderstanding, the religion of Islam is gaining popularity among the non Muslims and the graph of them accepting Islam is rising very fast. In fact some fear that Islam one day may overtake other religions for it leads to the ultimate truth and closer to Allah without any in between hurdles.

Do read my blog Islam: My Ultimate Decision and send me feedback to incorporate changes based on your experiences as a Muslim and specially after converting from other faiths to Islam. May Allay grant us wisdom and knowledge to know the truth and follow the path shown to us by Allah. Aameen

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