Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Birds

Alfred Hitchcock was a legendary filmmaker and director. All his movies were instant hit for mysteries hidden in each. "The Birds" was one such movie that I watched in my childhood in the 60s. The film was about an unexplained attack of violent birds on the people of Bodega Bay, California.

The attack by the birds and the scary effect it created on its viewers did not escape me and I still have a vivid memory of the birds swarming on the people of Bodega Bay and even breaking windows to get into their houses.

But that was just a movie.

Recently, I accompanied my wife into a store and while she was busy in selecting a suit for herself, I was looking at the hundreds of birds artfully decorating the ceiling of the store. 
And at that very instant, I went back into my memory lane recalling the Hitchcockian birds swarming the skies and the houses.

IF you have seen the film by Hitchcock, you will appreciate the post and the photos that I took that day in the store. But even if you have not seen the movies as it snow six decades old, you wont be able to resist and appreciate the aesthetic sense of the person who designed the store, even if you are not an art lover.

I am sharing a movie clip of the film to show you how many birds were there and how these haunted and hurt the people of the small village.
Pray these birds do not actually happen !!

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