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Fascinating Pakistan: Gorakh Hill Station

Let me take a break from the snow clad mountains of the northern areas of Pakistan and take you down to the desert and barren mountains of the Sind province of Pakistan - but assuring you of a cool breeze and occasional snow fall in winters.

Some of my readers who know the geography of Sindh in 'general' may not agree with with my viewpoint as the area is known for sizzling hot summers with a semblance of winters. But believe me we have a place amid the scorching plains and rocky mountains of Kirthar mountain range in Sind that relieves of your summer worries when standing atop the Gorakh Hills.

The name Gorakh is derived from the Brahvi language in which, word "Gurgh" means Wolf and that Balochi language word "Gurkh" is later dialectic adaptation of Brahvi language word Gurgh, meaning wolf.
Screen shot of Gorakh Hill View Point - Scroll down for the video

Gorakh Hills, situated at an elevation of 5,688 ft (1,734 m) in the Kirthar Mountains, the highest place in the province of Sind, is one such place which is home to sub zero temperatures in winters and a pleasant cool breeze with a temperature generally remaining below  20 °C all through summers, which are longer than winters than other parts of Pakistan. 

Gorakh Hill Station is situated on one of the highest plateaus of Sindh, spread over 2,500 acres (10 km2) and is located 94 kilometers northwest of Dadu city. Presently, for most part a shingle dirt track links Dadu and Gorakh Hill station, though there are ever pending plans by the provincial government to develop a road link between the Dadu city and the hill station.

One may approach the Gorakh Hill station from Karachi skirting Hyderabad and Dadu cities through road journey that may take seven and half hours to cover the 400 kilometers distance. Many tour operators in Karachi can arrange a guided tour to this beautiful pleasing hill station including night stay at the Gorakh Hill Station guest house, trekking and watching the wild life of the area. or if you are adventurous by nature and fond of camping, the vast area provides ample places overlooking the entire valley down below for camping. The road  through Khawal Luk Pass moves up the hill with numerous hair raising bends till one reaches the top.
A night stay at the hill station provides the tourists a one-in-lifetime chance to view the sunset in the evening and a spectacular sunrise in the morning and watch the sun rays running over the many hillocks and hill tops and finally illuminating the entire valley. At night, one is awestruck to watch the sky full of stars and galaxies overhead in complete darkness as there is no other habitat in the area down below for miles altogether.

On cloudy days, the entire valley is filled with low clouds and even wraps the hill station - mystifying the view and the presence on the Gorakh Hills with visibility reduced to just few feet.

Watch a fantastic video from the Gorakh Hill top with low clouds surrounding it and the valley down below:
Gorakh Hill Station is a bliss for the people of Sindh, specially for people of Karachi who travel to northern areas spending lot of money, while they have a choice to explore the lands of interior Sindh and go trekking to Gorakh Hill and the Khawal Luk Pass, beside resting and enjoying the summers or if lucky enough to find snow flakes falling on them during winters.

References: Wikipedia | Photo: Beautiful Pakistan (Facebook) | Map: Google Maps
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