Friday, September 1, 2017

The Danube Capitals: The Night boat ride in Budapest's Danube

Many European countries which have water courses through their cities, like Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna and Italy's famous Venice, are famous for their boat /gondola rides. Budapest too has Danube passing through it and has made best use of it as a tourist attraction. Cruises and boat rides continue through day till late at night to suit the timetables of the tourists pouring in the city.
Although the day rides provide a clearer view of the many historic buildings along the banks and even those visible from distance, yet the night rides are simple awesome, magnificent and leaves the riders spellbound of the colours and lights fallin in the steady river current.
 As the sun went down, my sons too along with the other members of the tour went for a boat ride. It was one of the late night rides which commenced and culminated in darkness. But some rides that start just before sunset are marvelous as one fathoms into darkness gradually and the lights start to illuminate the buildings, making it a wonderful start into the night. 
The rides normally commence from near the majestic parliament building which is abundantly lit and its reflection into the Danube make its water look like the gold water.
And for a long time the building is visible for the tourists to continue taking selfies and photos. The boats move at a steady pace, not very slow nor very fast, to allow tourists to take clear photos without jerks.
 Spectacular view of the Buda palace and the Chain Bridge
 Passing close and under the Chain Bridge
  Just passing by the Freedom Bridge
 Freedom Bridge and Gellert Hotel Palace
 Last glimpse of the Freedom Bridge
 The changing colours from mauve to blues
A few tips /information about boat ride:
The boat ride normally take one to one-and-half hour. So plan your ride carefully with no pressing schedule linked to it
You have a choice of open or closed compartmented boats (specially for day time) - but one enjoys an open boat at night
You can reserve your tickets through e-ticketing via email (need not have a print out)
If you are a student, ask  for special discounts
Normally children are given 50% discount - ask for it
And also children under 10 years can have free rides (now don't tell me that you are under ten even when your physical age is 60!!)
There are special discounts fro group travelers
If you want to make your trip a bit romantic, look for boats offering candle light dinners with wines and beer - and soft drinks too.
Normally there are free WiFi available to upload your videos and photos instantly and live 

This was the onward journey - now the return journey is the action replay herein under:
The majestic view of the Parliament Building
 Relaxing the last part of the boat ride

 Well that was all about the night boat ride in the Danube. The tired tour group finally returned to the hotel for a much need nap before the next day's leg to Bratislava (Slovakia).
 Going back to the bus station, the bus drove over the Danube and along the Buda Palace, providing the last glimpse of the two of the Budapest's famous landmarks - a journey and a tour that would be remembered for a long time.

 The bus station and the last stand on Budapest soil before moving on
While all European cities and capitals are worth visiting, those who have been to Budapest claim that there is no place more friendlier and interesting than Budapest. Looks to be true - after seeing the tour details of the tour group my sons were part of.
The next Danube capital is Bratislava (Slovakia) - will cover its tour in my next post.

References: Wikipedia
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