Sunday, May 22, 2016

Pigeons, letters and SMSs

Last night and rather late at night while returning home, I switched on to FM 94 and they were playing some very old songs - I mean songs of 50s. And suddenly the song came on the air in which the beloved was asking the pigeon to take her letter to her lover and make sure it is delivered. I hope some of my friends would recall the song: "WASTA E RAB DA TU JAEIN VE KABOOTRA by Munawar Sultana for Film Dulla Bhatti."

And listening to the song I just smiled. The song was of an era when telephones were rather non existent in our villages and even letter took days or even weeks to reach the destinations. And then time started to change - pigeons were replaced by black telephones and letters and postcards. But the the time delay still irritated the lovers as it would take time for letter to reach and book a call on an already heavily overbook exchanges.

And then the present days - the days of social media and SMS. Now one does not have to wait as the messages are delievered in real time and one can even live shat with one's lover or Dhola at any time - no matter the distance - even far across the seven seas.

This is the quantum jump we have witnessed during the last five decades. I wonder if people who left this world in the 40s and 50s are to live again, how would they react to the modern means of communications and instant messaging and live video chats!!

Happy texting.

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