Saturday, November 21, 2015

Tracey Curtis's biplane touches down in Pakistan


Pakistan's Arabian Sea coastline has always been a touchdown must for many aviation expeditions and record breaking flights. Lat Tuesday, a Canadian female aviator Tracey Curtis touched down in Karachi in a 1942 Boeing Stearman bi-plane 'Spirit of Artemis.'

Tracey Curtis' journey in her bi-plane is a sort of dedication and paying homage to Amy Johnson, the pioneering British aviator, and emulate Johnson’s epic solo flight from Britain to Australia in 1930 by following Johnson’s route to relive her dramatic adventures.

The 53-year-old Miss Curtis embarked upon a 13,000-mile solo flight in a vintage open-cockpit biplane on October 1, 2015. She was received on the Quaid-e-Azam International airport by Air Marshal Salman Ahsan Bukhari of Pakistan Air Force (Pictured above), John A Tucknott, British deputy high commissioner of Pakistan and Engro chairperson Hussain Dawood.

Curtis’ flight is expected to take 12 to14 weeks with her arrival in Sydney in early 2016. Her flight from Farnborough, England, has so far touched down destinations across Europe and the Mediterranean to Jordan, over the Arabian Desert, across the Gulf of Oman to Pakistan. Continuing her journey to India, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, she will finally cross the Timor Sea to Australia.

Tracy with Pakistan Air Force officer  Squadron Leader Saira Batool at Gwader airport (Photo APP)

Earlier, Tracey Curtis touched down at Gwader seaport of Pakistan on Monday. On her arrival she was received by Squadron Leader Saira Batool, a lady pilot of Pakistan Air Force. Later Tracy endorsed her remarks on her Facebook: "Overwhelming reception in ‪Gwadar. Unbelievable welcome by C-47 and honoured to meet Air Force pilot Saira and now high on cliffs overlooking the Arabian Sea. Blown away by it all."

During her short stay in Karachi, Curtis will visit Dawood Public School and interact with more than 2,000 female students. The event is being organised by Engro Corporation, Habib Bank Limited and the Dawood Foundation.

Welcoming Tracy Curtis, John A Tucknott, British deputy high commissioner of Pakistan, said that he was delighted to welcome Curtis to Pakistan. “I have been living in Pakistan for the last two years, and I find it to be one of the most colourful and culturally rich nations.”

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