Monday, August 3, 2015

A visit to Lake view park, Islamabad in rain

The monsoon season in Islamabad is rather pleasant with cool breeze blowing all the day. Sunday yesterday was one such day with a heavily overcast sky with a drizzling here and there. We therefore decided to spend the day at the nearby Rawal Lake View Park, located on the Islamabad-Murree highway.

However, it was till after midday that we finally got out and drove towards the park with a light drizzle en route. When we neared the only large scale picnic place for the people of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, we encountered a long line of cars waiting to go in. Some hurriedly parked their cars along the roadside, shrinking the two lane-road into one lane and adding more congestion to the snail paced traffic.
We made it to the car park, which wasn't as full as we thought would be since many had parked their cars outside it. We parked the car, bought tickets, Rs.10 for adults and Rs.5 for the children, while under five years were free to move in. It was still drizzling lightly but the poor ostrich in the small zoo was already drenched as can be seen in the photo below. 
The cloudy weather made it pleasant to roam around and move towards the lake view point.
The lake was dotted with colourful boats, filled with families, who despite the light drizzle seemed to be enjoying the boat ride in the muddy waters of the lake, which seemed full to its capacity.
A boatman waiting for the customers
While we were thinking of hiring a boat for us, it suddenly started to rain heavily. All those standing on the view points, along with us started rushing back at a quicker pace, while ladies resorted to a hurried pace to find a shelter. I did not increase my speed as I always love walking in the rain since my childhood. Though drenched completely, I continued to move towards the car park as the ladies hurriedly decided to call it a day.

While the place is well planned, it is not kept neat and clean at all. Rather I did not see any semblance of cleanliness, neither by the staff of the park nor by the tourists and holidaymakers visiting the park. While the ill-planned dust bins were over flowing, the holidaymakers ensured that they throw rubbish wherever they liked to.
Even the plastic bottles and other litter could be seen in the water. But perhaps this is how it is all over wherever the rush of tourists is much more. Just a day or two ago, I shared a post about Paris, "The other side of Paris," where I found such scenes as above near the Eiffel Tower when I visited it last September, due to lack of adequate cleaning arrangement.

We need to educate ourselves to keep public parks clean and adhere to litter-discipline so as not to make it look like an eye soar.

Since it had suddenly started to rain, I had just the time to take a snap of my son before turning back. I enjoyed the day and was happy that people in large number had come out of their houses and enjoy the weather and the scenic Lake View Park of Islamabad.

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