Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Paris Disneyland - the Midday Star Parade -1

OK, continuing my tour of the Paris Disneyland, now we move forward after disemabraking from a ride on the Railroad that I covered in my last post. The time was for the midday Star Parade - a must see road show that includes all Disney characters and stories portrayed by life size characters and music.

By the time we reached the venue, the footpaths along the pavement of were already full with the early birds - but there is always some space for the back benchers and we were just lucky to position ourselves at a place from where we could watch the stars going by.

The show commenced with fairies dancing and smiling past us

It seemed as if there is going to be no ending - but one was so engrossed in watching the show that one did not cared when it would end.

The show and the march continued - those making videos may have missed a lot as watching the video later on is good for memories, but the live show has its own charm. I missed some of the show while I made video or took photos - but I was still part of the crows enjoying the parade.

Is that all? Well certainly not - as there is yet many more characters that specially amuse children are yet to follow - say like the lion king, Goofy, Donald Duck - and the star of the day and mascot of the Disneyland: Mickey Mouse.

Watch the video I have uploaded on YouTube:

I will cover the remaining photos and video in the second continuing post - stay with me!!

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