Saturday, June 20, 2015

Paris Disneyland - the Mickey Mouse featured Star Parade

I have already shared half of the Midday Star Parade of the Disneyland Paris - here is the second half that was much applauded and cheered as it featured the Disney mascot Mickey Mouse and his contemporaries like the Donald Duck, Goofy and of course Minnie Mouse, besides the float of the Lion King.

This was the portion mainly featuring the Lion King - and the last float of Mickey Mouse was just at it its heels.

The appearance of the Mickey Mouse float was rather dramatic - Mickey was shrouded in smoke and gave a very fascinating loo. The crowd including children and people of all ages cheered and clapped at the sight of their favourite Walt Disney character and mascot - the Mickey Mouse.

With the Mickey Mouse float going away, the parade came to an end - the visitors started following the floats with Mickey Mouse waving and fading.


The square next to the Cinderella's Palace is decorated with beautiful flowers - and before going away, my family took time to have a few photos with those beautiful flowers in the background.

The last glimpse of Mickey Mouse float above - but the memory of the event was preserved in the video that I made as can be seen below:

The coverage of Disneyland Paris is not over yet - there are yet two more posts I shall be writing to share photos and videos of my memorable visit to the Disneyland Paris - something never to be forgotten ever.

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