Thursday, April 9, 2015

Get Smart - Fly your vacation in First Class FOR FREE

Travelling is not only fun anymore - it is something that only smart tourists can enjoy flying across countries in the first class almost FOR FREE.

Now don't tell me you do not believe what I am saying because there a re people out there who plan their trips by taking advantage of their accumulated miles flown over a period of time. Of course, such free rides and travels require planning, foresight, knowledge about how one can utilize the accumulated miles flows and of course extra time.

Scott Keyes (pictured above), who is a writer and just 28 years old is one of those many smart guys who can plan their vacations and travels by just spending a few dollars - which in fact are peanuts as compared to regular air tickets.

Scott is planning a 20,000 miles trip spanned over 21 flights and 13 destinations - and you know what? He will pay hardly anything, with all flights and hotels already covered thanks to airline miles and credit card points !!

As reproted by the Daily Mail, Scott will make stops in Mexico, Nicaragua, Trinidad, St. Lucia, Grenada, Germany, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Lithuania, and Finland - and the trip took him between 10 to 15 hours to plan and cost him 136,500 frequent flyer miles.

Being a writer and now an expert of cheap travelling, Scott has already written two eBooks detailing his strategies: How to Fly for Free and How to Find Free Flights.

So if you want to make your travelling adventurous and are a frequent traveler, read more about how to travel for almost free before planning your next vacation at Daily Mail

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