Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Walrus Show - Dolfinarium, Netherlands

In one of my previous posts, I talked of my visit to the Dolfinarium, Netherlands - the Largest Marine Mammal Park in Europe. Well that was just the introduction to this unique marine mammal park, as there is much more to it when one enters the park. There are vast water ponds housing seals, dolphins and walruses. Not only the display, but there are daily shows by each mammal that one can never forget later in life.
Although we were straightaway interested in seeing the dolphins show first, but it was already in progress and the walrus show was just about to begin. So we also queued up behind the already long queue to enter the walrus arena.

Scroll down for a short video clip of the show
My family posing before joining the queue for the walrus show

We are seen enjoying the show (above and below)

Once inside the arena, there was already a large crowd of spectators occupying the long wooden benches waiting for the show to begin. We too got a place on the farther end - though it would have better had we got a place in the centre of the sitting area to watch the show right in front of us.

No sooner the arena was almost jam packed the show unveiled. And it was so interesting to watch giant walrus mammals performing mind blowing feats of physical activity that one could resist appreciating their trainers to train these giant animals perform great feats of physical activity.

Herein under are some of the photos that I took during the show:

I do not know how many of you do sit ups, but watching doing sit ups by these tons heavy walrus was really awesome and worth applauding.

 And after sit ups, the push ups by walrus was another mind blowing feat as can be seen above
Beside taking photos, I also managed to take a few video shots that I have put together to show you the live coverage of the the walrus show. Some of the photos above will be augmented when you see the video clip, I have already shared on YouTube, as seen below:

People moving away after the show

But that was not the end. There is a huge lift that can take you in the basement from where you can see the huge walruses swimming by from the big green glass windows. Here are some of the shots:

This kid found it amusing to watch the walrus from very close quarters - almost face to face. And perhaps the walrus also enjoyed it too and stayed there for quite sometime till the kid moved away.

This brings me to the end of this wonderful show - something I had never seen before, except in movies. But this is not the end of wonders of the Dolfinarium. There are still two more shows remaining: The seal and dolphins show. I will share these separately in my subsequent posts.

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