Sunday, November 9, 2014

Awe Inspiring colours of Fall in Kiel (Germany)

Ask me which of the four seasons I like the most, and my instant reply would be Spring. Spring is the season when air is cool and scented by the freshly sprouted flowers which paint the landscape with millions of colours.

But what about fall or the autumn? A season of falling leaves and drying trees. But in the process, the trees and the landscape wears such a beautiful and colourful cloak that one is simply spellbound. 

The leaves when drying turn i many shades of yellow, green and crimson and the colour combination is so rich and intense that one keeps looking at the trees, foliage and the grass which is full of leaves - dying but still giving away their last glow.

As you can see, this his post is all about the colours of autumn or the fall here in Kiel, Germany where I presently am and enjoying the colours of leaves I always wanted to see.

Here are some more photos of the amazing and awe inspiring colours of fall here in Kiel, Germany:

 If it is fall in your country, do go out and enjoy the fascinating and awe inspiring colours of autumn - for these are more mysterious and magical than fresh colours of spring.

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