Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Veteran's Salute to the Martyrs

Salute to Martyrs of Pakistan [Photo]

30th April is celebrated each year to pay homage to those sons of the soil who laid down their lives for the defence and honour of the country. Today I join in as a proud veteran who served Pakistan Army – one of the finest armies of the world, for over three decades.

The feeling of being part of the Pakistan Army cannot be described in words – the emotions overcome one’s imagination and ability to write. It is only those who have marched on the tune of Allah-o-Akbar (God is great) can understand what a veteran feels when celebrating a day specially for those who laid down their lives from us and those who followed.

While nations and I must add the word great nations, all over the world value their martyrs and veterans and salute them, it is heartbreaking to find some segments casting a finger over the sacrifices made by us. Many assert that we did our duty as we were paid for it – but they never realize that it is only a chosen few who get to lay down their lives willingly for their country – away from the comforts of air conditioned homes and offices, big limousines and palace like houses of those big mouths to the desolate places where blood is spilled on every step forward one takes and see comrades being blown up into pieces and their coffins going back with just a few pieces of their who bodies.

No one – I repeat no one can fathom the miseries of a battle ground – no one can fathom the pain where smiling young lads go and perish forever. No one ever knows the pain and suffering of young wives turning widows – children being born without having seen their fathers or fathers perishing and dying while back home a son or daughter is being born to them.

Salute o you misinformed Salute!! For you never know how many smiles and big hearts have perished saving you and your families and the country.

Salute to those fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters whose sons and brothers are gone forever - salute the widow who will raise her children without their father hiding her tears.

Salute to those getting ready to fill in the void created by the martyrs willingly and with pride – with resolve to sacrifice their lives to for the love, honour, dignity and safety of their country.

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