Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Top Travel Information from Around the World

World is full of strange and diverse travel destinations - not every traveler would like to go to Paris to watch the rusty Eiffel Tower Scottish Islands of Westray, or  since everyone has his/her own peculiar reasons and liking to select a travel destination.  While those in love will like to go to Rome's Trevi Fountain, those interested in slot machines will head towards Las Vegas. Similarly all other places which have their own exclusive attractions and if one is equipped with peculiarities of places or countries being visited, it will not only ease one's travel plans.

There also some local customs and traditions one must be abreast of. For example if in Iran a shop keeper 'nods' - which is normally taken as yes, beware of it as 'nod' in Iran means a bog NO. And if you happen to be in Switzerland, do not add salt and pepper in the dish served to you in a restaurant - such an act is considered offensive and against the etiquette.

Here are some interesting travel information that may come handy when planning a visit to various destinations around the world:

And now something about the Rome's Trevi Fountain. remember the famous movie 'Three Coins in the Fountain?' And the famous song with the same name sung originally by Frank Sinatra, followed by Dean Martin and Doris Day, and many others? Well this is the place where lovers come in flocks every day, make a wish a throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain. 

Whose wish come true - you must watch Three Coins in the Fountain of the bygone days. But if you happen to be in Rome, do make a wish and throw a coin. Whether your wish come true or not, your coin will certainly help the charities to continue with their humanitarian work:

Photo Source: Funzug
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Felix Lee said...

These are all very interesting facts that I've learned just now. I really find it funny that a nod in Iran is a big NO.