Saturday, May 11, 2013

I voted for New Pakistan Today - Did you?

The day finally arrived - a day that is first time in our history that a democratically elected government completed its five years tenure and peacefully handed over to the caretakers for new elections.

And today on 11th May 2013, I along with my family went to cast our votes for a New Pakistan. And there at the polling satiation  established at the Army Public School in DHA-Phase II, Islamabad, I saw enthusiasm and lot of activity as people, mostly youth, had queued up for to cast their votes. Every one seemed hopeful that their vote is going to help bring a change in the politics of Pakistan - a change from the plunderers and looters to a new vision as given by the 'captain.' While me and my elder son voted for the second time, my wife and my younger son voted for the first time - and I could see a strange brightness in their eyes - symbolic of a new Pakistan.

Earlier today, Huffington Post observed:
Although the Pakistan Muslim League of Nawaz faction is making tall claims for a big win, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf's Imran Khan's dark-horse challenge could deprive Sharif of a majority and dash his hopes for a return to power 14 years after he was ousted in a military coup, jailed and later exiled.
Pakistan's best-known sportsman, who led a playboy lifestyle in his younger days, Khan is seen by many as a refreshing change from the dynastic politicians who long relied on a patronage system to win votes and are often accused of corruption.

We have seen enough miseries in the last five years when the previous government miserably failed to address the basic problems and needs of the people. The menace of load shedding haunted us for complete five years as mismanagement kicked off the circular debt form Rs. 112 billion to over 900 billion - due to which the power producing companies produced electricity much below the installed capacity, making the common man suffer 24 hours a day.

Corruption saw no bounds as in every undertaking there was dirty smells of kickbacks and money squandered to unimaginable limits. The main stream parties joined hands to cover up each other and virtually did nothing to resolve public woes.

After voting and seeing the charged sentiments of the voters, specially the youth, I am certainly hopeful of a better future for Pakistan - a Pakistan free of corruption, nepotism and heartless approach to its people. Let there be a new Pakistan from now onward.

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housewife said...

People of Pakistan have responded to their leader's call....lets hope for fair results.

Felix Lee said...

This is wonderful news. Pakistani people will now have a chance to experience another kind of governance.

Anonymous said...

I also voted for a NEW PAKISTAN, though we couldn't see our Captain as the Prime Minister yet, still a positive change has come. Now, PML_N will have to take careful measures to compete PTI. So, hope to see better decisions in the interest of the country as wrong doings will not be tolerated by opposition of PTI and media.
On the other hand, Imran Khan and his team has got an opportunity to get some practical governing experience. If he is successful in ruling KPK in an exemplary way, next turn will be his. We are looking forward to that day!
I can never forget that the patriotism and the dream of a NEW PAKISTAN has returned our youthful zeal back and even people of middle age and above are also very enthusiastic to do something for the country.
Thanks for sharing the lovely post.