Monday, December 3, 2012

Jaho Jalal

I met Jalal Hameed Bhatti back in 1975 (no I am not dating myself here) but I knew his very little; only what I saw as a course mate and later what I kept hearing over time. I knew that he is a nice young man, quick at the uptake ( intelligent student), methodical (in life and work) and very determined (if he would decide to do a thing, he will come what may). Life kept taking us on different paths and we were unable to meet more often.

I even never knew what he says publicly, “I am your knight in shining armor, Your one and true love, I will do anything to please you, And everything to love you, I will protect you with my sword, And treat you like a princess, Give you my castle, And build a kingdom, I will do anything for you, I need you in my life, So let me be your king, And you be my queen, To live happily ever after, And have a story book ending”

Recently, once had had hung his helmet, I had a chance to peep inside his persona and have stated knowing him more. His personal and ancestral Jaho Jalal notwithstanding, here is here's the more human, less quantifiable description of Jalal HB as he is known in online world.

Jalal HB had created and maintains Pakistan Paedia (it’s all about Pakistan) website. In addition to showing his love for the country, Pakistan Paedia have added to better image of Pakistan (how badly our country needs better image?) in online world. Explore the site and you will see what Pakistan really is; what all it can offer to us Pakistanis and everyone else in the world.

Similarly, he has been able to bring all course mates together at 55 PMA Long Course on his course site that he maintains very meticulously. I learn what is happening to our course mates in life and work from his site. Stay tuned, more will come on this.

As It was not enough, he has also started travel blog where he relives where all he has been. His travel writings also explicitly show his love for this land. How else he could remember Bhere Ke Patasee) and Pakistani Doodh Patti? I can already see his blogging going a long way. Read through what he writes and see why I say this.


Asghar Javed said...

It was a great journy dear bro!