Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nature in Pure Black and White

Human nature is a strange thing. We started off with black and white photography when the camera was invented. But when the colour photographic age came, no one wanted to talk of black and white photos and there was 'Gold Rush' - I mean colour films were like glittering gold. 

This continued for many decades - but then someone produced a black and white composition once again, and suddenly people realized that pure black and white was a treat to watch - soothing and mush more attractive than the colour photography. I came across many such compositions and really admired those photographers who adventured back in the past in present times and brought back the fun and joy of black and white photography.

Impressed by these adventurers, I also tried to compose a pure black and white composition and herein under it is how it came to be:

Photo: Nature in pure black and white by me - published at Jalalspages / Flicker

Now just watch the crispness and awesomeness of this composition. Had it been in colour, you would not have appreciated the outlines of the sweet peas that grew in my lawn which provided me a chance to shoot in pure black and white. And the lone flower in pure white presents the contrast that makes the entire composition mesmerising and a life time achievement for me.

Try black and white photography someday, if you are a photography geek. You will love it.