Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Your blood group can affect your heart disease risk

A person’s blood group helps determine their risk of heart disease, a study has found.

Researchers claim almost half of Britons with blood group O, the most common blood type, benefit from some natural protection against the illness.

However, they said people from groups A and B are more at risk, while people from AB, the rarest blood group, are the most vulnerable.

The findings, published in the journal Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology, are based on an analysis of two large US health and lifestyle studies. 

The Harvard University researchers concluded people with blood group AB were 23 per cent more likely to suffer from heart disease.

Group B blood increased the risk by 11 per cent, and type A by 5 per cent.

It is thought people with type O blood may benefit from a substance that is thought to assist blood flow and reduce clotting.

Lead researcher Professor Lu Qi, from the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, said ‘While people cannot change their blood type, our findings may help physicians better understand who is at risk for developing heart disease.

‘It’s good to know your blood type the same way you should know your cholesterol or blood pressure numbers.

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