Saturday, August 11, 2012

A day in life

We often go out, visit markets, bazaars and alleys of the city in pursuit of our daily chores. But more often than not, we fail to observe people around us, walking by or the vendors selling fruit or other things on their four wheeled carts. Some of us also try to avoid people brushing past us lest our 'clean clothes' get spoiled. But ever wondered that these are the very indigenous people of our country or any country who throng the market places, painlessly living their lives from their hard earned wages?

Sitting outside the wall of rich man's house watching helplessly as another work-less day slips by
The indigenous people in fact are the real treasure, who make up for the majority, that remains unsung, unnoticed and unheard. These people vote for the politicians who immediately after winning elections forget them till next elections, forgetting all promises to change their lives, which remains unchanged and continue to be the same as it was yesterday, or the day before. 

Isa Daudpota is one such person, who when in streets observes people and preserves moments on his camera and shares these on Flickr, These photos, casually taken mostly from his cellular phone camera bring to us faces and the life of the very indigenous people of our country.

Scroll down to see the portraits of our very indigenous people, on a day in our life, we normally do not observe when among them:
Cellular phones: an easy access to near and dear one
Another hard day of life ahead
A road side eatery and a cigarette till a customer arrives
Plastic stuff selling dirt cheap while his tea gets cold
Washing utensils after all Pakoras are sold off
Selling all sizes
Nuts for nuts!!
And bananas for bananas?
A disguised smile when seeing someone taking a photograph
Dates for Ramadan
Yes!! despite soaring gold prices, my business thrives
Selling Pomegranates - a fruit equally hard to spell as it is to eat
Travelling in overcrowded wagons is not easy - it shows
A nap takes over an idle business day
Sharing each other's problems - while shadows listen
Poor smile too !!
Selling sizzling hot samosas
Hard to spell pomegranates being cut for the ease of everyone
Going home after a long day
Photos Attribution: All photos above are courtesy Mr Daudpota, who has a keen eye to compose events and scene from our very ordinary life. He has shared all these photos above in the set ‘An Evening in Pindi on Flickr. I am grateful to him for allowing me to use his photos for this post. 


Asghar Javed said...

Loved this phot essay. You do have very incisive observation.