Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lassi - the hot beverage of hot weather

When the mercury start to rise, every one reaches for can of cold drink of any sort available nearest to one's location. This happens not once, but many times a day. 

In Pakistan, a lot of road side indigenous beverages points open selling simple and cheap beverages to quench the thirst of the passerby during hot weather. The most favourite include sugar cane juice 'Gannay ka ras' and 'tukham-e-malangan (I wish knew its translation). But above everything 'Lassi' is the most favourite drink all across the country, specially the Punjab province.

Large filled glasses of Lassi [Photo: wizBuzz]
Lassi is made of curd / plain yogurt, water, sugar (or salt as per taste) and lot of ice.  A portion of plain yogurt is put in a special pot, called 'Gadvi' and is then spun with a specially made wooden thing called 'madhani' till a thick paste is made. Then water and sugar (or salt) is added and then spun again with madhani and also crushed ice added. and the Lassi is ready. It is then served in unusually aluminum made glasses ice cold. 

Makai ke roti and Dahi
Makai ki roti and Lassi [Photo: Asif Saeed / Flickr]
Lassi is normally taken in the breakfast with 'paratha' (heavily oiled rounded breads) or makai ki roti (rounded bread made of raw corn flour). But in very hot climate, it continues to be taken throughout the day. During the mango season, another form of lassi called 'kachi lassi' is served after eating mango to take away the hot effect of the fruit. Kachi lassi is nothing but water added to small quantity of milk and salt added and made exactly like normal lassi.

Now instead of traditional lassi making utensils, normal blenders are being used to save on time. But in villages, the lassi continues to be made by women folk in traditional vessels. See the video below of a song from a Pakistani film showing the daily chores of the women of villages and making of lassi too and enjoy the beautiful melodious song too:

Video courtesy: YouTube / Viscapaquistan

Do give it a try to this simple yet very tasty beverage or the indigenous drink of the Pakistan, if you happen to be travelling to Pakistan.



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