Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Zeppelins are back for air tourism

Memories of Zeppelin and Hindenburg may still be afresh in many people's mind who witnessed these large elongated 'rigid airships' floating above their heads till as late as the WW-II, operated solely by Germany. These air ships were also used by Germany for military purposes and also for trans-Atlantic flights from Germany to North America and Brazil. However, after the tragic incident of the mid air explosion of the Hindenburg, the flights of these unique rigid airships came to an end.

Zeppelin and disaster of Hindenburg
Now these airships of bygone days are back again. Run by a company called Airship Ventures, the Eureka is one of only three functioning Zeppelins in the world — or, to be more precise, a $15 million Zeppelin NT (for New Technology). At 246 feet long, it is also the world’s largest airship, and slightly longer than a Boeing 747.

Eureka - the Zeppelin of 2009
The Eureka, name given to Zeppelin like airship is in operation since 2009 - but travel in these helium-air ships is extremely expensive as it costs $950 for a two-hour sunset cruise in the twelve-berth cabin, or even the $199 for half an hour.

Many have still reservations about travelling in a highly volatile helium filled airship that cause instant burning of the Hindenburg - but for a few, rich, adventurous daredevils, the flight aboard Eureka may be a fun and a lifetime experience. 

Would you like to travel in a Eureka?

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