Friday, May 25, 2012

What would you do: Worry about your Car or Help the other driver out?

Driving own vehicle is always very easy as one is in controls. But what if due to other's error, you find a huge truck rolling to its side and come crashing towards your car and even bump into you. If you are lucky to survive the unexpected onslaught, what would you do:

  • Get out of your car - inspect the damage to the car and curse the other driver who did it?
  • Or get out of your car, go to the the other vehicle and help take out the stranded driver
  • Lose control of yourself and start crying or start yelling at the stranded driver who ruined your car
  • I don't know what would I do.

OK - now watch the video below and decide what the car driver should have done:

What would you have done?