Monday, May 28, 2012

Watch Monday Night RAW Tonight

As I always say, Oh! Its Monday Again - and surely it is. I wonder how come this Monday Night comes so soon every week and brings along with it one of the best entertaining show which is most like the world worldwide: The Monday Night RAW.

The ending of the last Monday Night saw Laurinaitis telling  Cena that he didn't know where Show was.  This was when John Cena was looking for answers from the Big Show who cost him the opportunity to remove John Laurinaitis from WWE forever. As  Laurinaitis  walked away, Cena just stood there, looking angry. As he turned around, he was met with a knockout punch from Show - and the show ended.

One should not ask too many questions - specially in a wrestling ring: Don't you think John Cena?
So tonight, we may see what happens when Cena wakes up - by the way, when Cena is hit and falls to ground, it looks it will take centuries to wake him up. Dont,t you think so?

We may Expect to see an appearance from the likes of Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus, who found out that they would be facing one another for the World Heavyweight title at No Way Out. 

So what else happens - let everything remain a secret as then one really does not enjoy if the 'story setting' is revealed before hand.  So have a happy viewing tonight - keep lot of mucnhies and crunchies by your side as the show is gonna last full three hours.

BTW do you think the addition of one extra hour adds to more fun or lingering on of the show?

The match is scheduled for Monday / Tuesday night, 28/29 May 2012 at 01:00 GMT