Friday, May 4, 2012

Smartphone Supremacy Poll

There is a war going on between the two giants of smartphone makers - Apple and the Samsung. In fact the big name has narrowed down to just a few including the two I mentioned earlier and Motorola Droid and HTC to an extent.

With the launch of Samsung Galaxy S-III, thew war intensifies and now Apple gurus must be sitting with their head together to find out an antidote for all that went wrong in Apple iPhone 4S and what all Samsung is offering. I may add here that Apple's much touted iPhone 5 is due later this year.

But for now, which one takes precedence over the other - iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy S III or you may include Motorola Droid and HTC's One X in the race too.

C|Net is taking a poll presently, and I voted too - the result came out to be something like the one below:

Screen shot from the poll at c|net
Well I wont tell you which is my favourite, but you may make this poll meaningful by voting your choice.

Take a poll HERE!!