Monday, May 14, 2012

ATP Tennis: Battleground shifts from Madrid to Rome

The entire world's attention was focused on Madrid till late Sunday night when, after the Serena's victory in the women single title, Roger Federer was embattled with Tomas Berdych. The 2-1 win by Roger Federer over Tomas Berdych  did not come easy as Federer's biggest obstacle was to overcome an opponent who had beaten him in three of their previous five meetings. The win yesterday brings Federer back at No 2 after his third victory at the Madrid Open.

Top ranked stars for ATP Rome
Now from the controversial blue clay, the battleground changes to the traditional red clay again at Rome, where the ATP/WTA Rome commences Monday onward. Here World No.1 Djokovic will star defending his title, beside Nadal, Federer, Murray, Del Porto and Inser. 

The first round matches are already in play for both men / ladies singles and doubles. But excitement and mood of the tournament will set in when the big starts start to descend on the red clay. It now remains to be seen after Federer's tremendous resilience and firmness on the blue clay, would he be able to snatch the crown from the defending champion Norvak Djokovic or not.

While the free live streaming links of most of the round matches onward will be provided at my sports blog Movin' Sports,  I will also provide links for the important matches from quarterfinals onward here at Jaho Jalal as was in case of ATP/WTA Madrid and matches before.