Monday, April 9, 2012

Innovative Motorcycles and Automobiles: From Russia With Love

There are many innovative designs of vehicles that come out every day which hobbyists and enthusiasts buy immediately to kind of show off their machines to friends and neighbours. But that is all of a bigger market concept.

But when it comes to innovative designs and that too custom made, one is really flabbergasted and amazed. Those who can afford to buy these custom made machine can be really proud of their possessions as these are only but few and entirely different from the pragmatic designs.

Talking of such innovative, aesthetically designed and marvels of technological machines, one may see the machines made by Mikhail Smolyanov, a Muscovite, whose concept cars and motorcycles designs are becoming very popular these days and more and more enthusiasts are turning to Russia, rather than the advance western or European markets to buy these highly innovative gadgets.

Check out some of his works:


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