Monday, April 2, 2012

Get your Google Translate for Animals App!!

Man has always been wanting to understand what the animals say when they bark or mew or booo. In order to facilitate understanding of the animals, Google has come up with a novel idea - a Google translator for Animals. Now anyone can have his / her pet animals voice translated into any language around the world and enjoy the nature in its fullest.

Watch the video below:

Well if you believe what I have written, you are among the many many people who got fooled by this 1st April prank that were in circulation around the world. Obviously no such thing can be invented, unless a donkey or a cow or a cat turns human and then assist the mankind in assisting to decipher his'her previous 'mother tongue.'

Here is a list of all the 'Top 10 1st April Fool Pranks' that took many around the world to be true.
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  • BBC Flying Penguins
  • Legend of Zelda movie trailer
  • Google Translate for Animals
  • Top 5 viral pictures of 1911
  • IKEA HUDSTOL Dog Highchair
  • The secret behind Nike Air
  • Being a Google Autocompleter
  • StarCraft returns to consoles
  • StarCraft Motion Overdrive

Watch videos of all these pranks at: Business Insider