Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mysterious Moscow by Night

Moscow is a strange city - studded with attractive architecture not found anywhere in the world. The domed structures are a novelty of Moscow. But all this has been hidden away from the rest of the world while USSR lived. Travelers were forced to stay away from Moscow since Russia was then obscured behind the proverbial iron curtain.

But even then who chose and dared to travel to Moscow, found to their surprise a beautiful city for its mysteries to be explored by walking down the alleys and meeting the Muscovite who lived as happily or sad as people lived in any other part of the world. People lived, laughed and drank vodka and enjoyed their lives even when behind the iron curtain and even do so even now.

But Moscow is awesome when it is seen by night. The lights have been so aesthetically placed that cloak Moscow in a mystic shroud that leave the onlookers and travelers dazzled and forcing them to fall in love with Moscow.

As for me, the building of St Basil’s cathedral has always been attractive for its colorful architecture, beside many other domed building that can be seen anywhere in Moscow. All these buildings when viewed by night have their own charm. I am sharing a few night scenes of Moscow down below and I am sure you will fall in love with Moscow after seeing these photos. Have a look:

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All photos above are courtesy Funzug