Sunday, March 11, 2012

J-20 Mighty Dragon: China's 5th generation Stealth Fighter Aircraft

New pictures of the China's J-20 Mighty Dragon stealth fighter have surfaced and are making their way across military blogs. J-20 ‘Mighty Dragon’ fifth-generation single-seat air dominance multi-role fighter jet has been developed by the China’s Chengdu Aircraft Industries Corp (CAC).
J20 Mighty Dragon: China's 5th Generation Stealth aircraft carries more fuel and weapons than US F-22 Raptor
The prototype is said to be using the Saturn AL-31 turbofan engine developed by the Russians for their SU-27 air superiority fighter.
F-22 Raptor of USA, falling in the same category may be more agile and made entirely in the U.S., but the Mighty Dragon:
Carries more fuel and weapons than Lockheed's fighter. 
J-20 uses F-22 Raptor style forward fuselage and DSI (Divertless Supersonic Intake) to reduce the Radar cross section (RCS) of the aircraft. 
J-20 will carry up to eight new generation PL-10 Within Visual Range Air-to-Air Missiles (WVRAAM ) and PL-12 (or PL-21 ramjet-powered)Beyond Visual Range Air to Air Missile (BVRAAM).
J-20 fighter jet will carry upto 6 air to air missiels in its large belly weapon bay and another two WVRAAM can be carried in its lateral weapon bays.

The J-20's development is also moving along much faster than anyone had expected. Back in 2009, Gen. He Weirong, deputy commander of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force said in a TV interview that the J-20 wouldn't be operational until 2017-2019. That estimate will likely be revised if work continues at the current pace.
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