Thursday, February 2, 2012

World Wetlands Day today

The world observes the World Wetlands Day today.

Wetlands play a dominant role in preservation of the ecology besides attributing to the protection of the environment. These wetlands also provide sanctuaries to the migratory birds flying from the cold regions of the world to the warmer regions' wetlands for survival and hatching.
Map Courtesy Pakistan Wetlands Organization

Pakistan is one of the blessed countries that abound in the wetlands all over its length and breadth. The generally warm and humid climate of Pakistan attracts millions of migratory birds from Sibera, Euorpe and the CARs every year through the famous Indus Flyway or the Green Route. 

Technically speaking the International Migratory Bird Route Number 4 that commences from the Karakoram, Hindu Kush and Suleiman mountain ranges inside Pakistan along the Indus River down to its delta near the Arabia Sea, is one of the most popular and populous route for the migratory birds escaping the harsh winters of Siberia.

Birds like Houbara Bustard – a majestic bird on the verge of extinction flies from far away lands, as far as 5000-6000 kilometers from Central Asian Republics and even China, and land in a numerous wetlands stretched from D I Khan in the north, Ucchali in the Salt Range to down south in the Cholistan Desert. These Bustards fly at an amazing speed and make to Pakistan in just about 5-7 days.

Besides Houbara Bustards, Flamingos, Swans and many other species of birds like the Marbled Teal, White-headed Duck, Eurasian Spoonbill, Dalmatian Pelican throng the wetlands in Pakistan.

Thus the wetlands all around the world feed these migratory birds, add beauty to surroundings and improve the over ecological system and freshen up environment. We must all make an endeavour not to pollute these wetlands which are shrinking everyday due to urbanization even in far flung areas.

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