Sunday, February 5, 2012

Selecting flights equipped with WiFi - Live TV made easy

Internet usage has become so dear a part of our daily lives that is is hard to while away time or remain cut off from the internet world when traveling. While many airlines provide these facilities on-board, your travel agent may not have knowledge about it and inform you accordingly.

However, now their are on-line services which provide you data and information about flights that offer  Wi-Fi, live TV and movies before you book.
On-board technology can make flying a much more pleasurable and productive experience. But unless you book with a particular airline that offers Wi-Fi on every flight, you’re not guaranteed these services. There is often little or no difference between the price of flights with or without WiFi and live TV — but the difference in experience can make or break your flight. 
As per a survey by Mashable, one of the service provider which facilitate you for selecting a flight with WiFi and Live TV facilities informed:

“A great travel trip that isn’t widely known is that, very generally speaking, the cheapest day of the week to buy domestic airline tickets is Tuesday. In fact, Tuesday late afternoon or evening. This is because most weeks one or more airlines will announce a mid-week sale Monday night or Tuesday morning. To stay competitive, other airlines will typically match those sale fares and by Tuesday night all of them have will have joined. The sales usually last one to three days, but availability is best toward the beginning of that window.”
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