Friday, January 27, 2012

Free Live Streaming: Murray and Djokovic Australian Open 27 Jan 2012

Yesterday's semi between Nadal and Federer was a sensation, While many expected Federer to fight back and win over injured Nadal, they were spellbound to see Nadal in super fit form and providing his fans a memorable win over Federer. Now that he has qualified for the final, it remains to be seen who turns out to be his opponent after today's semi between Murray and Djokovic.

Murray enters the Australian Open for the third consecutive time - having been ousted by Federer and Djokovic. So today he is again face to face with Djokovic - and I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Djokovic on the other hand will be stressing for a repeat performance to over power Murray. It is going to be an interesting match today. So don't miss out.

The match will commence at 0830 GMT live from Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, Australia
Live Streaming links for the match are as follows:

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