Saturday, January 28, 2012

Free Live Streaming: Azarenka vs Sharapova - Australian Open 2012 Women Final: [28 Jan 2012]

So the day has finally come to bring the first part of the end game of Australian Open 2012 as the two best women of the tournament clash Saturday night at around 3:00 AM EST.

The two ladies are famous for their grunting and shrieking on the court - which somehow a section of crowd watching the match tend to like or have grown accustomed to. 

It will take more than screaming to win the women title and also the World Number One honour today
As already reported in the news media, it is the last time the Russian Snow White is playing the Australian Open - and she would certainly liked to be crowned for stepping onto the Australian courts for the last time.

For Azarenka, it would be a God sent opportunity to tame the Russian and wear the crown for the first time. So there is going to be lot of noise, as both ladies can force the cats and dogs in the neighborhood to run for cover when they scream - it only remains to be seen who comes out to be the winner at the end. Who are you counting on to win?

And one thing more: Today's match will also determine who ranks as Number 1 in the women ranking of the world of tennis.

For today's final, the link for free live streaming is given below:

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