Sunday, January 29, 2012

Free Live Streaming - Australian Open 2012 Men's Single Final: Nadal vs Djokovic

And finally the day has come for which everyone has waited since the start of the Australian Open 2012 - the Men's Single Final duel.

Posing together - thinking of outplaying each other Sunday

It is Nadal facing Djokovic - both have moved to finals after tough duels all along.

Nadal has been an injured lion as his injuries have kept him away from winning tennis events at the world screen. Facing Federer in the semi was like a home coming. Both always drew crowds whenever they clashed and the semi final of the Australian Open was no different. The titans clashed - an old hand feeling youthful vigour and a youthful lion seeking to oust the experience. And that was what everyone saw in the semi final. Despite Federer's youthful game, Nadal overpowered him in a four set match.

Djokovic and Murray had a rather long session and played a full five set semi final. The match that lasted four hours and fifty minutes, proved to be a test of stamina and experience. And Murry must have been very unhappy to have lost the semi final in the end.

Now today Nadal and Djokovic meet to test each other's experience and stamina. Can Nadal sustan a full five set match to wear the crown? Can Djk wear Nadal out by prolonging the match to its full length and strain Nadal's healed injury?

I for myself am for Nadal. Djokovic's supporters may not take my side. Let us wait and see what happen in Australia Sunday and who his victor - and who is vanquished....

Live Streaming links for the match are as follows:

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