Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bizarre and unusual destinations around the world

In April last year, I shared an unusual destination " Darvaza - the Door to Hell " to the travelers who are always in search of unique and bizarre destinations. as the name suggested, the place in Turkmenistan in the Central Asia is a burning hole of fire since God knows when. The locals have given it the name "Darvaza" or Door and relating it to the dooms day judgment when the sinners will put in to the hell, a similar place of burning fire as a punishment for the sins committed when living.

Some of the most bizarre and unique destinations around the world ('Darvaza' being on the top)

But Darvaza is just one countless bizarre place around the world, both natural and man made which one would wish to see at least once in one's lifetimes. If I start counting these places, perhaps the space in this post will fall short too early.

LA Times has short-listed many such destinations in wonderful slide show form to introduce these awesome  places to its viewers. Some of these are pictorially shown above, like Darvaza, Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, Calif, Bay of Fundy, Canada, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia, Pamukkale, Turkey and Cancun Underwater Museum.

Of the ones shown above, the Cancun Underwater Museum is really unique as it is under water, featuring 400 life-size concrete sculptures. It's free, but visitors are recommended to go with tour operators - and needless to say you have to be a good underwater swimmer to pay a visit to this unique museum.

One such bizarre place is the Hostel Celica, Slovenia - which was once a military prison. Now the place has been converted into a hotel, but still maintaining much of its 'original' shape. The rooms still have a steel grilled door and padlock style door lock.

I will get back with detailed account on some of these places or the ones that haven't been mentioned above. So for the time being, enjoy the slide show and be absorbed in some of the unique and bizarre destinations around the world - and it may be no wonder if some of these actually attract you to be taken there and actually see their uniqueness in awe.

View the slide show for many more bizarre and unique travel destinations: LA Times
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