Tuesday, January 3, 2012

15 Things You Should NEVER Waste Your Money On

Most of us are generally spendthrift - we tend to spend so much on things that should otherwise get our least priority vis-a-vis utility and cost effectiveness. ever wondered why we tend to pick candies and chocolates stacked at the cash register? The people at super markets know that waiting customers can easily be lured into buying a few chocolates or energy cells, even though not needed.

And when we are travelling, we pick up so many things for which we finally have to pay extra baggage and when we reach home, we find same stuff available in local stores at much cheaper rates. 

And then something very dangerous and important: We sign the loan application of friends and relatives as co-guaranter without bothering what if the loan taker becomes a defaulter? 

Herein under is one such compilation of some of the Donts on which we otherwise waste money - see if you can avoid these (and this includes a burger too):

  1. Crappy Art
  2. 3-D Movies
  3. lothing Fads
  4. Bank Fees
  5. Extended Warranties
  6. The roof over your head
  7. Fancy phones
  8. Fast Food
  9. Layaway
  10. Piecemeal Insurance
  11. Gifts nobody needs
  12. Co-signing a loan
  13. Group Deals
  14. Weight Loss Traps
  15. Lottery Tickets
Read details on each above at: Business Insider