Thursday, December 8, 2011

Britain’s scariest cave

[ via Mail Online

We travel to see spectacular landscapes, deep blue seas, wide virgin beaches and the snow covered mountain slops in winter for skiing. But if you are asked to travel to some of the scariest places, generally hidden from the sight?

Hodge Close Quarry (Photo: National / Peter Bardsley)
Hodge Close Quarry is one such place - you only need only look at its photograph. And if it still doesn't scare you away, then you might plan a visit to the place when visiting UK next time.

The lake at the abandoned slate quarry is an eerie enough site - but as this image shows if you turn your head you are greeted with the terrifying sight of a giant skull. The image was taken by a diver who had just been into the waters of the quarry near Coniston in Cumbria, North-Western England. The pool is accessed through a 25-metre long a two-metre-square tunnel.

Peter Bardsley, who dared to take the photograph, says:
"This reflection when turned 90 degrees shows a skull. It has not been manipulated in any way and is very spooky. It's like something from an Indiana Jones movie."
But go there with a caution: although the spot, which is popular with divers, has already claimed the lives of at least three over the years.