Thursday, October 13, 2011

See you later Pakistan

Full Story: Rising Pyramid

The story under reference is the account of Bryan Farris, which is published in the Rising Pyramid August 25, 2011. Starting his journey into Pakistan was knee tightening, as Farris puts it, but at the end when he bid farewell, his perception had changed. For him, real Pakistanis are the opposite of the stereotype in just about every way possible. 


He dubs Pakistan as land of extremes: from extreme heat to extreme hospitality.  From extreme religious sentiment to extreme devotion to food.  From extremely exaggerated journalism to an extremely undervalued global reputation.

Read his account - a neutral account I may say, since he left Pakistan with a heavy heart - leaving a country with so many good people around. "Pakistan has become a part of me; it has forever changed me, my perspective on the world, and my trust in humanity."

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