Monday, September 12, 2011

Defence Day Celebrations in Canada

6th September, the Defence Day of Pakistan, is celebrated both in and out Pakistan to show solidarity with the armed forces of the country and to remember the sacrifices made by our gallant soldiers in the defence of the country whether against the external aggression or against militants and mercenaries in the on going war on terror.
A few veterans who have immigrated to Canada make it a point to celebrate all national days of Pakistan. Herein under they are seen together celebrating the Defence of Pakistan Day, along with other Pakistanis, in Toronto, Canada.
 Shahid Aslam, Jamil and Tahir 
 Its dinner time - Tahir indecisive as to much more to take
 Chatting and yapping after a hearty meal
 Jamil with his Family
From Left to Right: Shahid Aslam, Naveed Akbar, Jamil Ahmed, Tahir Khan


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