Sunday, August 14, 2011

10 easiest tips to lose weight quickly (Ah!!)

Who else will be more worried than me to lose weight as the weighing machine goes wonky when I step over it and doesn't know when and how to stop? Well I do try but nothing much really works. So I sat and tried to find some easy and quicky ways to reduce weight. Well the ten steps herein under are repetition of many guidelines given and seen before by weighing machine enemies like me, but even for the sake of repetition I am repeating these for myself and all like me – may be something works.
  1. Eat small meals five times a day. Each meal should contain proteins, fibres– but no more 300-400 calories per serving and be low in fat.
  2. No fried foods – we very innocently eat up French fries as appetizers, whereas these when counted in calories equal a hearty meal. At McDonald’s their large French fries portion is almost 500 calories.
  3. Say no to saturated and trans saturated fats. Remember tarns saturated fats are linked with elevation of heart related diseases too besides inching your belly outwards.
  4. Eat lots of water – some say eight glasses per day and some say half your body weight in ounces. There is no limit in fact – drink (water) as much as you can.
  5. Be a vegetarian and start liking vegetables, specially fresh ones like carrots, tomatoes besides all greens and all vegetables.
  6. Stay away from foods that have added sugar including all types of sodas and drinks as we innocently gulp more calories than our daily recommended intake. Also avoid things made with refined sugar.
  7. Avoid foods that contain CGF (Concentrated Glucose-Fructose). Doctors warn of CGF as the worst form of glucose ever. Too much fructose can create a metabolic disaster in your body as 30% of it gets converted into fats, a research says.
  8. Plan and go for light exercise at least FOUR days a week – I don’t go out even for a single day (:
  9. Switch over to high protein meals right within one hour of a workout – but resist eating too much of meat. Take chick peas, egg whites, quinoa or beans rather than meat except chicken breast (my favourite) or the white meat portions of the poultry, besides fish. But again remember the portion matter – no re than 60 grams of protein per day.
  10. And last of all – don’t eat anything between 2 hours of going to sleep at night. Eat all you want to (while remaining in limits) before 9 PM, if you normally sleep at 11 PM. This would allow enough time for your stomach to digest what you ate.

If I do all this, I am “expected” to shed away 2-3 pounds per day – wouldn’t you?


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Pretty insightful. Thanks!

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Good Theory