Sunday, July 31, 2011

Want to lose weight – use ACV

Oh it is obesity again – but yes this is one subject that worries everyone. People jog or treadmill endlessly, but after a few days, the euphoria dies down or the routine activities prohibit going out for a jog or to the gym for tread milling. Then there are diet plans – restricting you to invisible foods and rather empty plates you are not accustomed to. But despite doing everything physically possible, the mirror stares you back and you desist looking into mirror to seeing someone that doesn't fit into it.

What to do then? Is there any magical thing that can do wonders without going into too many hassles and diet plans? Fortunately yes, there is one such that can burn your fats and make you lose weight and look slimmer. Go for Apple Cedar Vinegar or ACV and see how this colourless liquid changes your life. The enzymes and organic acids in ACV acts as a craving suppressant by increasing the body metabolism rate.

So how to go about it? Well it is pretty simply. You just need a glass of water, a couple of spoonful of ACV and honey if desired. Take a glass of water and add 2 tablespoons of ACV in it and shake it well so that the vinegar is dissolved completely into the water. Since ACV is slightly bitter, you may add honey for sweetening taste. Remember not to add sugar as it is fattening and will nullify the benefit of drinking a solution of water and ACV. Shake it well again so that honey also gets dissolved and drink it at least 20-30 minutes before each meal. This will create a feeling fullness and you are likely to eat less.

Since ACV is highly acidic, people with problems of acidity are cautioned not to have this magic weight reducing antidote. The solution may also add to ulcerous problems. And still it may result into a sore throat. Since I also suffer from acidity and am rather overweight, sadly I cannot use this to shed away pounds of weights on me. But those who can digest the solution without any acidity problem, a splendid time is guaranteed for them. But it would be much better to consult your doctor  before taking the ACV mixed water solution to lose weight.


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